parker (ghostsinthesnow) wrote in violentmovies,

Boondock Saints 2?

I saw on the interest page that boondock saints 2 is listed, is it already out or in production or what? Boondock Saints is one of my favorite movies so i'm excited to see whats going on with a sequal :)
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I almost posted about this too. I saw some stuff on the internet a long time ago saying that a sequel was supposed to be coming out in the not so far off future. It'd be great if this really happened.
It has been in production for a long time, i occasionally check the boondocks website. Its gunna be called all saints day, thats all i know. ill double check though
well i decided to do my homework and it hasn't gone into production soon but it says it will be going into pre production soon. Oh and btw is anyone on here a big fan od troma?
Boondock saints is my favorite movie ever. It's pathetic. I know every single line in it. The 3 of us used to just sit in my basement allll summer watching it at least 3 times a night. Hah and They've said they were going to make a sequel and I'm kind of scared. second movies tend to ruin the first. if it does, i'm gunna cry. I thought they werent going to use the same people but I guess they are. Except rocco died damn it.