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aim, ampere, Archeopteryx, anthony, anthonys fine ass, archeopteryx, beat boxing, being bored, bongs, breaking ankles, breaking things, crusty masturbation socks, dank reefer, daughters, despising ross, drum machine, drums, dylan being a fag, ed gein, fast music, fights, fuckedfaceflashcards, fuzzy ducks, gay things, getting hurt, girl pants, guitar, hating commander mcgowan, hating parents, hating ross, hurting each other, insomnia, jumping off high shit, kill bill, kill bill vol. 2, kill bill vol. 1, la quiete, lol, masturbation, nate harpers drawings, nighttime, o.scar, orchid!, pg. 99, phoenix bodies, photography, violent movies, plagued soundscapes, puking on command, radio surgery, really hating ross,models plagued by anorexia, ryan, saetia, slapping, smoking weed, tj, tj being mexican, tj talking about screamo, tj talking ina monotone, tupac, vinyl, violent hip hop.

if you like any of the above^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^then join!

actually join whether you like those or not!!!!!!!



just join!!!!!

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